With a background in race car products, Carbon Mods certainly have the pedigree when it comes to designing and manufacturing aerodynamic and styling components.

For those seeking genuine aerodynamic performance advantage, Carbon Mods offer a universal splitter kit which can be trimmed to follow the contours of any modified front spoiler to provide significant additional front downforce. Used in combination with our carbon fibre bumper canards any vehicle can benefit from the styling and performance improvements usually only available to professional race teams.

Aerodynamic NACA duct made from pre-preg carbon fibre designed to accept a 75mm silicone duct hose.
£76.55 (inc. VAT)

Aerodynamic duct made from pre-preg carbon fibre.
£61.22 (inc. VAT)

Shallow aerodynamic vent made from pre-preg carbon fibre suitable for bonnet, roof or side panel mounting
£51.01 (inc. VAT)

Pair of specially engineered stainless steel adjustable front support rods / tie bars for supporting front splitter panels and rear diffusers.
£34.80 (inc. VAT)

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