DI-NOC Carbon Fibre Vinyl 300 x 1220mm

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DI-NOC Carbon Fibre Vinyl 300 x 1220mm
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If you want to add the carbon fibre look to your car, motorbike or even iPhone or laptop without the cost of genuine carbon fibre parts or the mess of carbon fibre skinning then this stunning carbon fibre effect vinyl could be just the answer.

Made by world renowned manufacturer 3M (who’s adhesive films we use on our own range of flexible carbon fibre sheets) Di-Noc carbon fibre vinyl is sophisticated self adhesive vinyl material embossed with a 2/2 twill carbon fibre pattern that accurately mimics the way that light interacts with carbon fibre to give a unique and convincing 3D effect.


The film can be applied to flat surfaces without any manipulation (just peel off the backing and stick it down) but it can also be applied to just about any surface, including complicated curved shapes such as vehicle wing mirrors or body panels, motorcycle fairings or even iPods, iPhones or laptops.

When working on larger surfaces the film should be smoothed down using a squeegee applicator to remove wrinkles and when working on contoured (curved) surfaces the use of a hair dryer or heat gun is needed to soften the vinyl and allow it to follow the shape of the part being wrapped.

Although applying vinyl quickly and right first time does require some skill and practice, beginners can still get the same results by simply taking their time. At Carbon Mods we’re familiar with handling real carbon fibre and certainly not used to vinyl and we were still able to get the result shown in the photograph (the wing mirror) first time, after a bit of adjustment and encouragement from the heat gun!

Temporary or semi-permanent installation should be done by applying the firm directly to the clean parts. For permanent installation it is recommended to use a primer spray like 3M Primer 94.

Alternative Products

No matter how sophisticated this carbon fibre vinyl is, it can still be distinguished from a genuine carbon fibre part. If you want a 100% convincing carbon fibre finish for any part then take a look at our best selling range of Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kits.


We also sell a range of genuine carbon fibre flexible sheets. The sheets are manufactured by encapsulating genuine carbon fibre between two layers of polymer; as such they have genuinely 3D carbon fibre appearance. Unlike the carbon fibre vinyl the sheets cannot be easily stretched around complicated shapes and are more suited for use as scratch protectors, sill guards, tank pads etc.

  • Surface FinishSatin Finish
  • Weave2/2 Twill (7 picks/cm)
  • CompositionMatt Finish Black Textured Vinyl | 3M Adhesive Backing

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