Carbon Fibre Engine Cover for Fiesta ST170

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Carbon Fibre Focus ST Engine Cover CMECFFST
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This product, along with all other manufactured products have for the time being been discontinued. This is to allow us to focus our manufacturing on a new and exciting range of motorsport derived stock products including honeycomb cored panels and performance composite items.

We have limited quantities of some products still in stock which have been added to this site's inventory. If this page allows you to buy the product then you can snap up one of the last remaining parts. Once the page no longer lets you purchase then we are out of stock forever.

This stunning engine cover has been designed for the Ford Fiesta ST170 engine and gives your engine bay the show-stopping enhancement of pure 100% pre-preg carbon fibre.

The engine cover also fits almost as well on the Fiesta ST150 (see additional images for pics of it fitted to an ST150).

The engine cover is manufactured to the highest possible standards and features Carbon Mods' legendary surface finish quality. A special sufacing material makes the carbon resitant to U.V. light and the high temperatures of the engine bay environment. The engine cover weighs only 19g making it unbeleivably light; why add 80g to your car's weight with a stainless steel engine cover when you can now have a stunning carbon fibre one for a third of the weight!?


The engine cover is designed specifically for the Ford Fiesta ST170 (Duratec) engine and as such will be a perfect fit for this car. Installation can be performed in seconds; securing the engine cover in place using the high quality adhesive pads included with the cover.

  • Surface FinishHigh Gloss
  • Weave2/2 Twill (7 picks/cm)
  • Composition100& Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre

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