Carbon Fibre Laminating Epoxy Resin - 1kg Pack

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Carbon Fibre Laminating Resin - 1kg
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Product Description

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Carbon fibre epoxy laminating resin for use in wet-lay carbon fibre lamination or as cabron fibre skinning 'top-coat'.

The 1Kg pack includes 333g of hardener and 666g of epoxy resin.

This is the same top quality carbon fibre laminating resin that we use in our workshop every day and also the same resin that is included in our best-selling carbon fibre lamination starter kit and carbon fibre skinning kit.

Volume discounts are available.

Skinning Kit and Laminating Kit Top-Ups

YES! This is the resin that is used in our carbon fibre laminating kit and also for the clear 'top-coat' in our carbobn fibre skinning kit. If you're wanting to make your own bigger version of one of our kits then this is the resin you need.


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Hello, Is this resin UV resistant?

Carbon Mods Reply: As far as epoxies go this one has good UV resistant properties. That said, there is no such thing as a UV proof epoxy and with enough exposure there will be some deterioration. We haven't noticed it in our normal use (and we've sold this for more than 2 years) but for total UV stability you should consider a lacqeur or even a polyester gel-coat.

Hi! I can not understand how much need in order to cover the surface area of 2 square meters, can you tell?

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