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Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit
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Product Description

This Carbon Mods Carbon Fibre Skinning Starter Kit™ contains everything you need to take an original part (made from plastic, metal or any other material), cover it with genuine 2/2 twill carbon fibre and finish it to a high gloss.

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Skinning a part with carbon fibre will enhance its appearance and greatly increase its strength and is a viable alternative to the more complicated approach of making an all-carbon fibre replacement part where volumes are small (such as one-offs) and cosmetic appearance, rather than weight saving, is the primary objective.

Kit Contents
  • 0.3sqm 2/2 Twill 3k Carbon Fibre Cloth (1000mm x 300mm)
  • 130g XCR Black Epoxy Basecoat
  • 170g XCR Epoxy Coating Resin
  • 150g XCR Epoxy Hardener
  • 25ml Polishing Compound
  • 2 Pairs Nitrile Gloves, 2 Mixing Cups, 2 Mixing Sticks
  • 2 x 1" Laminating Brushes
  • 120, 240, 400, 800 & 1200 Grit Full Sheets of Wet and Dry Abrasive Paper
  • Full Instructions (download link)

When unrolled the carbon fibre fabric is 300mm(11.8") wide and 1000mm(39.4") long.

Uses for This Kit

Use this kit to cover a wide range of parts in and around your vehicle, or just about any other item that would look stunning with a genuine carbon fibre finish.

Use this kit to:

  • Cover plastic interior mouldings and trim such as centre consoles and door handle mouldings
  • Cover plastic exterior mouldings such as wing mirrors, rub strips and bumper inserts
  • Cover metal parts such as slam panels
What results can I expect?

All the materials, supplies and techniques supplied as part of the skinning kit are completely capable of producing professional quality, saleable parts. However, like any practical task (such as repairing a scratch or dent on your car or fitting a stereo) perseverance will be required to produce parts of the highest quality. As you gain skill and experience the quality of the parts will increase and the time taken to make them will decrease.

Comprehensive Instructions

As with all Carbon Mods starter kits, the skinning kit is accompanied by comprehensive instructions that take you through the process of skinning your parts from prep all the way to polish.

Click here to download full instructions in PDF format

Larger Skinning Projects

In addition to this small skinning kit we also sell a Large Skinning Kit which includes materials for a project that's 1m x 1m (39" x 39"). If that's not enough for your project then we also sell all the individual parts of the kit separately meaning you can buy enough material for any project!

For every 1sqm you want to skin in carbon fibre you'll need approximately:

Carbon Fire Skinning Starter Kit™ is a trademark of Carbon Mods.


Ask a Question or Make a Comment

I would like to replace the sheet metal side panels on my dragster with carbon fibre . What is the process to do this so I have nice finished edges and how many layers do I put on?
Carbon Mods Reply: If you put a skin of carbon fibre over the top of your metal panels then really you're not replacing them, just covering them. If you do this then just one layer is fine because you have the strength of the panels inside anyway so you don't need any strength from the carbon fibre. If you really want to actualy replace the panels then you would start by taking a mould off your panels (see our Mould Making kit) and then laminating your own panels using that mould. For the panels, you would use approximately 3 layers of carbon fabric to get the panels sufficiently stiff to use. Many more layers if they need to take an load.

My question is how much structural strength will I get when skinning with carbon fiber and are there techniques I should do to help in the process. Thanks
Carbon Mods Reply: Adding a single layer of carbon will stiffen the part up a reasonable amount. If you want to stiffen it up more just add more layers of resin and fabric in just the same way as you would increase the stiffness of a part laminated in a mould.

i would like to know if carbon fiber skinning would work with cured woven fiber glass part?
Carbon Mods Reply: Yes, certainly. The skinning kit is very good for skinning over GRP/FRP parts.

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