Foam-Cored Carbon Fibre Panel 0.5sqm (980mm x 480mm)

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This specially developed Foam-Cored Carbon Fibre Panel 6mm uses a combination of genuine 2/2 twill, 3k carbon fibre with a layer of woven E-glass either side of a light-weight 5mm closed-cell PVC foam core create a light-weight panel with excellent deflection strength. For maximum strength-to-weight ratio the sheets are manufactured without any gelcoat or surface coating but our propriety resin technology ensures a glossy, pin-hole free 'class-A' surface..

Resin matrix is epoxy throughout with a high temperature post-cure for maximum mechanical performance. The panel has a smooth carbon fibre finish on both sides however the reverse side of the sheet is not designed to be a cosmetic face and as such some light scratches or imperfections from pressing, handling and cutting are to be expected.

Performance Advantages

This Foam-Cored Carbon Fibre Panel was designed specifically as a high performance replacement panelling material for weight conscious kit-car builders but is equally suited to any application where maximum deflection resistance strength is required for the minimum weight - requirements often present in marine applications.

The foam core allows us to make a panel of satisfactory thickness to be very stiff for the minimum possible weight. Conventional panels (made without a core material) are significantly heavier for the same deflection strength. The core material (and thicker panel) also eliminates the rattling associated with thin aluminium sheet.

Suggested Uses

Made specially for those projects requiring much larger carbon fibre sheet, this huge 1980mm x 980mm sheet is perfect for Caterham / Westfield body panelling and will fulfil the majority of applications in a single span. The following list of suggested uses is just a small sample of the many products this Foam-Cored Carbon Fibre Panel could be ideal for:

  • Interior Panelling
  • Tunnel Tops
  • Under-Trays
  • Boot Lids
  • High-gloss clear gel-coat surface
  • 2/2 twill 3k carbon fibre fabric
  • Single layer of woven E-Glass
  • 5mm foam core
  • Single layer of woven E-Glass
  • 2/2 twill 3k carbon fibre fabric
  • Total thickness 5.85mm (+/- 0.2mm)
Cutting, Shaping & Finishing

As with all carbon fibre and composites (like fibreglass, carbon kevlar etc) good results can be achieved for cutting, shaping and finishing this sheet using regular workshop tools like hacksaws, jigsaws and wet-and-dry. Specialist tools can, however, make lighter work of the job and produce better results.

We recommend Perma-Grit tools for the cutting and shaping of our carbon fibre sheet.


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What is the weight of the 500x 950 foam cored pannel?
Carbon Mods Reply: The sheet is 2.6kg per square metre meaning that the 0.5sqm sheet is 1.3kg.

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