Perma-Grit 180mm Needle File Half Round

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Perma-Grit 180mm Needle File Half Round - LNFHROUND LNFHROUND
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These are the larger size of Perma-Grit tungsten carbide needle files (we don't sell the smaller size as they're more suited to model making) and are perfect for filing precise shapes into carbon fibre.

The needle files are made from mild steel with tungsten carbide welded onto them. They are 180mm long and about 5mm in diameter. The files will cut in both directions meaning they will remove material much quicker than conventional needle files and leave a clean edge without fraying or cracking carbon fibre or other composites.

The tungsten carbide is incredibly hard wearing and will not lose its edge or wear off. These tools will provide you with years of faithful service and are a must have for detailed carbon fibre work.

Suggested Uses

This half round needle file is one of the most useful file shapes and is perfect for smoothing out the inside of curved cuts (like cuts for dials) and finishing recesses cut in dash panels for lights etc. It is also invaluable for finishing rounded slots in bonnet scoops or engine bay mods.

How to Use

Open up a hole (if required) with a drill or wheel first then use the file in a conventional way to finish a slot or edge, working gently and smoothly.


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