Perma-Grit 19mm Disc with Arbor

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Perma-Grit 19mm Disc with Arbor - RD1 RD1
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Tough mild steel Perma-Grit cutting disc has tungsten carbide welded to the edges. The discs will cut carbon fibre, fibreglass and all other composites with easy and will not 'frey' or shatter the edges of your precious material. In addition, these discs will not break or lose their edge, providing years of faithful service!

The cutting disc is supplied with a 13mm arbor, locking washer and M3 nut.

Suggested Uses

These Perma-Grit cutting wheels are perfect for trimming carbon fibre sheet, slot cutting (like for switch mounting in a carbon dash) and cutting through tough composites (like carbon/steel sandwich panels).

As with all Perma-Grit tools they are also able to cut stainless steel, spring steel, fibreglass, tile brick and more.

How to Use

Use the Perma-Grit cutting disc with a variety of power tools sich as Minicraft, Dremel, Flexi-drives and similar small drills. Run at slow to medium speeds and wear eye protection at all times.

Trim lines can be then be rubbed smooth with a Perma-Grit sanding block or file (working from coarse to fine grit) and then finished with rubbing compound and wax.

Note: Regular use of electric drills (like those listed above) with carbon fibre will cause carbon dust to accumulate on your drill motor's electrical contacts and will eventually damage your drill. If possible, blow off your electrical tools after use with an air compressor and work in a well ventilated area to preserve the life of your electrical tools when working with carbon fibre.


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Perma-Grit 19mm Disc with Arbor
Perma-Grit 19mm Disc with Arbor

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