Perma-Grit 305mm Rodsaw

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Perma-Grit 305mm Rodsaw  - RS12 RS12
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Perma-Grit 305mm rodsaw is the perfect solution for following complex shapes when cutting carbon fibre and composites.

The rodsaw is made from tungsten carbide welded to a mild steel rod, making them almost unbreakable and able to cleanly and quickly cut carbon fibre and other composites without 'fraying' or crazing the material being cut.

Suggested uses

Perma-Grit rodsaw blades are the perfect choice for the hand cutting intricate shapes in carbon fibre, fibreglass and all other composites. Use a rodsaw for:

  • Cutting out recesses in scoops
  • Cutting holes for dials and switches in dash panels
  • Cutting holes for speakers in I.C.E. installs

If you are cutting simpler shapes (like gentle curves or straight lines) we would suggest the use of a 305mm hacksaw blade.

How to use

Attach the 305mm rodsaw blade to a full sized hacksaw (available from any hardware or tool shop) to cut any shape in your carbon fibre or composite product.

Smooth cut edges using a Perma-Grit file or sanding block. For very intricate shapes such as holes for switches, use a Perma-Grit needle file (all available from Carbon Mods) before finishing with rubbing compound and wax.


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Perma-Grit 305mm Rodsaw
Perma-Grit 305mm Rodsaw

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