Perma-Grit Black & Decker Jigsaw Blade

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Perma-Grit Black & Decker Jigsaw Blade - JSB4 JSB4
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If you intend to cut carbon fibre with a jigsaw then it is highly recommended that you do so using a Perma-Grit jigsaw blade. These blades offer numerous advantages of conventional jigsaw blades when working with composites:

  • Perma-Grit blades cut in both directions, reducing chipping and freying of composites.
  • The 'filing' action of these blades will greatly reduce the amount of finishing work required after cutting.
  • The tungsten carbide grit edge is incredibly hard wearing and will last a long time even when working reguarly with composites.

This jigsaw blade is designed for use with Black & Decker jigsaws. Other blades are available for different jigsaws.

Suggested Uses

This jigsaw blades are best suited for cutting large pieces of carbon fibre like flat sheet. We would not recommend using a jigsaw for small or intricate jobs or cutting contoured surfaces.

How to Use

Use this Perma-Grit blade with your jigsaw in the conventional manner, run at a medium speed if possible and apply only a gently force to move the jigsaw forward. Wear eye protection at all times.

Trim lines can be then be rubbed smooth with a Perma-Grit sanding block or file (working from coarse to fine grit) and then finished with rubbing compound and wax.

Note: Regular use of electric tools like a jigsaw with carbon fibre will cause carbon dust to accumulate on your tool's electrical contacts and will eventually damage your jigsaw. If possible, blow off your electrical tools after use with an air compressor and work in a well ventilated area to preserve the life of your tools when working with carbon fibre.


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