Perma-Grit Sanding Block Small

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Small Perma-Grit Sanding Block - SB140 SB140
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Small version (140mm x 50mm) of the ultra useful Perma-Grit double sided Tungsten Carbide sanding block.

These sanding blocks are double sided with a coarse grit on one side and a fine grit on the other side. The block itself is aluminium making it perfectly flat and is easy to hold. The sanding block will sand a perfect right angle when placed on its side.

The quality of the tungsten carbide strips means that they will shape carbon fibre without the characteristic 'fraying' associated with conventional sandpaper or wet-and-dry. The abrasive will also not 'lose its edge' or fall apart meaning a sanding block can last you for years!

Suggested uses

Perma-Grit sanding blocks are a staple tool for any composites workshop. The blocks are perfect for:

  • Truing edges after you cut carbon sheet
  • Adding radiuses and bevels to edges
How to use

Hold the sanding block comfortably in one hand and gently use it to shape, bevel or smooth the piece of carbon you are working. Always work from a course grit to a fine grit before moving on to a rubbing compound and finally wax.

Unclog the abrasive strip with a fine wire brush to keep it working at its most effective. Clean with a solvent such as Acetone if necessary.


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Perma-Grit Sanding Block Small
Perma-Grit Sanding Block Small

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