High Strength Carbon Fibre Sheet

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1mm Carbon Fibre Sheet - Small Sizes CMFCS1MM
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CarbonMods' High Strength Carbon Fibre Sheet is manufactured using 100% carbon fibre reinforcement and epoxy resin matrix, cured under pressure at elevated temperature to produce a carbon fibre sheet with engineering-grade mechanical properties and a class-A surface finish.

The 'A-side' of the sheet has the classic 2/2 twill, 3k woven carbon fibre appearance with a pin-hole free high gloss finish. The reverse of the sheet features an even textured 'peel ply' finish suitable for secondary bonding.

Laminate Composition

To achieve maximum stability and flatness in the sheets, we used 'balanced' laminates for all sheet thicknesses. This means that the fibre type, weight and weave is symmetrical from the front to the back ply.

The detailed layup schedule for each sheet, along with the fabric format and fibre type, can be seen on the Specification tab.

The matrix used is a high performance epoxy resin which offers excellent mechanicals, clarity and improved UV stability. The high temperature cure maximises the mechanical strength properties and results in a Tg (glass transition) of 80°C.

Quasi-Isotropic Layup

To create a more uniform distribution of strength, all our sheets are manufactured using both layers of 0°/90° and +45°/-45° oriented reinforcement in what is known as quasi-isotropic fibre orientation. Carbon fibre sheets using this layup technique offer improved stiffness across their diagonal axis and significantly improved torsional stiffness.

Sheet Sizes and Thickness

Our High Strength Carbon Fibre Sheet is available in 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses.

  • 1mm sheet is ideal for lightweight panelling (such as door cards), exhibition/display use and even small structural parts for R/C modelling and similar.
  • 2mm sheet is significantly stiffer and can be used for quad/drone frames, instrument panels, blanking plates, enclosures etc.
  • 3mm is extremely stiff and suitable for fully structural engineering applications.

Sheet sizes range from 250 x 225mm up to large format 2000mm x 950mm. Please note that dimensions are nominal and sheets will often be supplied oversized.

Choose the thickness and sheet size you require using the drop down lists at the top of the page.

Manufacturing Contracts

Our sophisticated manufacturing process and facilities mean that Easy Composites can produce carbon fibre or composite sheet to almost any specification. We currently supply specialist carbon fibre sheet to a number of famous brands from the world of fashion, F1 motorsport and technology. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Regrettably, we are unable to offer custom sheet fabrication for small runs (less than 10sqm). We do not offer a cutting/trimming service.

  • Surface FinishHigh Gloss
  • Weave2/2 Twill (4 picks/cm)
  • Composition

    Laminate Composition

    In 3mm thickness, this resin infused high strength panel is composed of the following carbon fabric layers:

    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon
    300gsm +-45 Biaxial Carbon
    650gsm 2/2 twill Carbon
    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon
    650gsm 2/2 twill Carbon
    300gsm +-45 Biaxial Carbon
    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon

    In 2mm thickness, the sheets are composed of the following carbon fabric layers:

    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon
    300gsm +-45 Biaxial Carbon
    650gsm 2/2 twill Carbon
    300gsm +-45 Biaxial Carbon
    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon

    In 1mm thickness, the sheets are composed of the following carbon fabric layers:

    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon
    300gsm +-45 Biaxial Carbon
    200gsm 2/2 twill 3k carbon

    Resin matrix is high-performance epoxy throughout. Panels are post-cured at 70'C for maximum mechanical performance.

    Nominal Thickness Average Thickness Average weight
    1mm Sheet 0.9mm (+/- 0.2mm) 1.28kg/m²
    2mm Sheet 1.7mm (+/- 0.2mm) 2.40kg/m²
    3mm Sheet 2.8mm (+/- 0.2mm) 4.08kg/m²

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Just like to say a big thanks for the excellent service! I ordered some A4 sized wet-lay sheet and some Di-NOC 3M wrap at 2pm Friday afternoon, paid £3.50 postage and it turned up on Saturday morning! Brilliant service! I am in the Motorsport Industry myself and I know how long items can take to be delivered, I will definatley be ordering from you guys again! The products will look top notch in my sprint/hillclimb Mini too!

Hi Guys, just thought i'd drop you an email to say how impressed i was with your Carbon Fibre laminate pannel i recently bought for a small home project.... I purchased a small A5 sheet to make a facia plate for my Sat Nav / Diagnostic housing . It was very easy to shape into the desired size.. I will be making more orders soon... Thanks, Mike Serra, VR6 Owners Club

We got our sheets of carbon (last week i think) looks fantastic. One sheet went to dash panels and the other went to sunroof panels, they both turned out great.

Thank you and cant wait to do buisness with you again.

-Jay Jenner
Adrenaline Motorsports, MO, USA

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