Carbon Fibre Nosecone for Caterham S3

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Carbon Fibre Nosecone for Caterham S3 CMNOSECATS3
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This product, along with all other manufactured products have for the time being been discontinued. This is to allow us to focus our manufacturing on a new and exciting range of motorsport derived stock products including honeycomb cored panels and performance composite items.

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Designed to be a direct replacement for the OEM fibreglass nosecone (or a heavier carbon/fibreglass nosecone) this 100% pre-preg carbon fibre nosecone for the Caterham S3 utilises sophisticated materials and manufacturing techniques to create a part that is visually stunning and at the same time significantly lighter than any OEM or aftermarket nosecone.


The nosecone follows the exact lines of the original Caterham part, ensuring a trouble-free installation and a finished appearance that remains faithful to the original design.

Suitable for: Caterham 7 S3 (not SV or CSR)

Technical Information

Multiple plies of pre-preg carbon fibre (up to 5 plies in places) are carefully cut and layered into the mould to provide maximum strength where it is needed whilst other areas are kept as light as possible. Our technology and expertise enables us to produce a nosecone that weighs just 950g, nearly half the weight of an after-market wet-laid carbon/glass part and even lighter still than the original fibreglass part.

The pre-preg manufacturing technique used by Carbon Mods also eliminates the need for the tell-tale ‘black band’ of black gel-coat sometimes used to hide the difficult rolled edge, very visible at the front of the nosecone. This is the nosecone for the perfectionist!


This part is not sponsored, licensed or endorsed by Caterham or any other kit-car manufacturer.

  • Weight980g
  • Surface FinishHigh Gloss
  • Weave2/2 Twill (7 picks/cm)
  • Composition100% Pre Preg Carbon Fibre

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