Carbon Fibre Rapid Repair Kit

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Carbon Fibre Rapid Repair Kit
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Product Description

Carbon Mods’ RAPID REPAIR kit is a unique carbon fibre repair kit developed specifically for the rigours of track-side, water-side or even airfield based repairs to carbon fibre or composite vehicles and equipment.

The kit includes a special epoxy resin system developed in conjunction with a major F1 to meet their demands for a high performance epoxy resin exhibiting excellent flexural strength and capable of curing very quickly (around 1hr), making multiple track-side repairs possible during long testing days.

Carbon Mods RAPID REPAIR kit combines this advanced resin system with a choice of fast and slow hardeners, carbon fabric and all the necessary ancillaries to make an instant repair to a damaged carbon fibre or composite vehicle, boat, plane or piece of equipment. Everything about the kit is carefully thought-out to make ‘on location’ repairs as easy as possible with the quality of the materials ensuring the repair will probably be stronger than the undamaged part.

The kit can be used to make a single repair up to 30cm x 20cm or multiple smaller repairs.

Simple instructions are included with the kit to enable you to easily and quickly make a very strong repair.

Click here to download full instructions in PDF format

Kit Contents:

  • 0.3sqm Carbon Fibre Cloth Fabric
  • 100g High Flexural Strength, 2 Speed Epoxy Resin
  • 30g FAST Epoxy Hardener
  • 30g SLOW Epoxy Hardener
  • 1 x Sheet of Peel-Ply
  • 1 x Sheet of Release Film
  • 1 x 120grit Abrasive Paper
  • 1 x Alcohol Wipe
  • 1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 x Mixing Stick

Ask a Question or Make a Comment

Can this kit be used for repairing a carbonfibre racing bike frame that has been damaged by the chain.
Carbon Mods Reply: Yes, although it would actually probably be better to use our Fishing Pole Repair Kit for such a repair. It actually includes everything you would need to make a repair to a damaged tubular section of carbon fibre frame. I must add though that we don't suggest making repairs to carbon fibre bike frames for safety reasons, if you're in doubt, don't do it and take it to a prefessional. If you do want to make the repair yourself however (at your own risk) then the Fishing Pole repair Kit would be a great way to go.

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