Carbon/Kevlar 188g - Plain Weave

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Carbon/Kevlar 195g 2/2 Twill - Square Metres
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Carbon/Kevlar® Hybrid Fabric Plain Weave 188g/m2. Price is per square metre - please enter the quantity of sqaure metres you require.

This fabric combines the properties of 2 unique reinforcement yarns. Carbon provides high levels of stiffness and strenght, whereas Kevlar provides huge impact/abrasion/fracture resistance. This distinct looking hybrid cloth is used in many high-performance, high-impact applications such as canoes, military ballistics and rally-car panelling.

Please note: When purchased in multiples of a metre, the fabric will be supplied on a continuous roll, not in individual 1sqm pieces.

IMPORTANT - International Shipping

All UK fabric orders will be shipped carefully wrapped around a tube and boxed. All international orders for more than one metre will also be shipped carefully wrapped around a tube and boxed however, due to the large size of the box required (and therefore high cost of shipping) international orders for a single metre of fabric will be shipped carefully folded into a box.

If you are an international customer wanting only a single metre of fabric and are not happy for the fabric to be carefully folded please contact us before ordering to obtain a quotation.

Download a chart showing the weave and scale of our different fabrics


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Before purchasing a starter skinning set i have a question i plan to use the set to turn my remote control plane (with a tough Elapor shell) into a tougher RC plane carbon coverd plane. I have read through the instruction manual you provided on line and i would love to give it a go as a long term project. My question: I would like to take a cube block as my example, if i want to cover the whole cube how do i cover the corners ie at some point to strips of carbon are going to meet how can i "join" these and still get a quality look finish? I hope that i have explained it well enough another example maybe to strips of wet carbon material put together, how to join them without leaving a gap? Would slightly overlaying/overlapping them and then after adding the epoxy (and letting it dry) sanding down untill level? if i were to lay the 2 pieces side by side i would loose the strengh at this point would i not? Please let me know if i have not been specific enough?
Carbon Mods Replay: Using your example of a cube, with such a geometric shape you would probably use two bands of carbon fibre. One would wrap 3 faces and the other would wrap the remaining 3. You would leave some excess at the edges of one of the strips so that at each edge one sheet overlapped the other round the edges and corners. You would probably put the larger one down first and then that leaves the correctly sized one is the visible join, offering the neatest finish. At these joints there would be 2 layers of carbon rather than one making the laminate slightly thicker but this is not normally a problem. This would give you a full strength part.

I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for what seems only your company can provide! A carbon fiber starter kit! I am just beginner and would like to start a carbon fiber project, trying to find any information on the "how to" aspect was very hard to find untill i stumbled onto your website. Big thumbs up to the step by step instruction (with video) and in my eyes very afordable prices. Living in Germany i find it hard to belive that their is not a like minded company here! You have gained a loyal customer and i have not as yet ordered anything from your shop! I was looking for a carbon fiber beginner set and it looks like i have come to the right place! Regards Rob Kendall

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Carbon/Kevlar 188g - Plain Weave
Carbon/Kevlar 188g - Plain Weave

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