Epoxy Infusion Resin 1KG Pack

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Epoxy Infusion Resin 1KG Pack
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Product Description

This high performance epoxy resin has been specifically formulated for use in resin infusion composites production.

As an infusion resin it is ultra-low viscosity ensuring that is is able to quickly infuse through a range of reinforcements. Its excellent mechanical strength makes it ideally suited for use with high performance reinforcements such as carbon fibre and aramids like Kevlar.

To ensure adequate time for the infusion to take place the resin has a pot life of 90 minutes. At 25 degrees full cure is reached in 24hrs however elevated temperature cure at up to 120 degrees will cure the resin in under 2hrs and further inprove the mechanical properties of the finished part.

This is the same epoxy infusion resin that is included with our Resin Infusion Complete Starter Kit.

The epoxy infusion resin is available in 3 different pack sizes: 1KG, 5KG and 30Kg. Please choose the size you want from the drop-down above.


The resin cures to a clear finish.


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