Fishing Pole / Rod Repair Kit

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Fishing Pole / Rod Repair Kit
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Product Description

Despite the strength and durability of carbon fibre fishing poles and fishing rods, fractures or complete breaks in the pole do happen from time to time.

If you're unlucky enough to have this happen to you then your options are to buy a new pole, have the pole professionally repaired or to repair the pole yourself using Carbon Mods' carbon fibre Fishing Pole / Rod Repair Kit.

The kit includes all of the necessary materials and equipment to complete the repair and requires only competent practical skills and a couple of hours of your time to repair your broken or fractured fishing pole or rod so that it is as strong as it was before the damage occurred.

Video Guide
Size of Kit

This kit has been designed to allow for the repair of at least 3 broken fishing rods and so includes sufficient heat shrink tape, resin and carbon fibre fabric to do at least 3 repair jobs.

Kit Contents
  • 150mm x 1000mm ProFinish Plain Weave Carbon 90g Carbon Fibre Cloth.
  • 154g EL2 Epoxy Laminating Resin.
  • 46g AT30 Fast Epoxy Hardener.
  • 10m Roll Composites Shrink Tape.
  • 120, 240, 400 and 800 Grit Abrasive Paper.
  • 2x Laminating Brushes, Mixing Cups and Sticks.
  • 25ml Polishing Compound
  • 3x Alcohol Wipes

All materials are supplied in high quality, re-sealable containers and shipped in protective packaging.


When unrolled the carbon fibre fabric is 150mm(5.9") wide and 1000mm(39.4") long.


As with all Carbon Mods carbon fibre kits, complete instructions on how to use the kit are freely available to download from this site.

Click here to download full instructions in PDF format

Uses for this kit
  1. Roughen the surface around the broken pole using the included abrasive paper.
  2. Apply some epoxy resin to the area around the break.
  3. Bring the two halves of the pole or rod together if necessary.
  4. Wrap the rod with the special plain weave carbon fibre fabric, applying additional resin as you go.
  5. Wrap the repair with the special high-shrink tape (make sure you apply the tape the right way round - inside to inside).
  6. Apply heat to the tape (using a heat gun or powerful hair dryer).
  7. Splint the repair if necessary (if the pole/rod was broken completely).
  8. Leave to cure then remove the tape.
  9. Polish the repair to leave a professional finish.
Fishing Pole Repair Service

Carbon Mods doesn't offer a fishing pole or rod repair service; we believe that using this kit most people shoudl have no problems making a good, strong repair themselves. If however you really don't think that a DIY repair is for you Carbon Mods now maintain a list of individuals and companies who use our materials and process to undertake professional carbon fibre fishing pole repairs.


Ask a Question or Make a Comment

Q. your instructional vid demonstrates repair of the wider sections of the pole/rod...does this also work near the tip? Ive snapped about a foot down and its just enough to stop the rod from twitching so its a repair or rubbish situation. if this can be repaired, will there be enough flex to allow the rod to twitch? thx

Carbon Mods Reply: OK, well, what you’ll need to do is make the repair on the inside of the tube. This is a little bit different but still perfectly possible. Follow these steps:

  1. Select another section of pole that fits comfortably inside the broken pole, possibly not the next pole down ensuring that there is at least a 0.5mm – 1mm gap between the pole you select and the inside of the broken pole when you put the other section inside the broken pole.
  2. Using some of the abrasive paper (120 grit) ‘key-up’ the inside of the broken pole so that the surface is clean and scuffed ready for the repair to be applied.
  3. Wrap the good pole (the one that will go inside the broken one) with some of the shrink-tape, overlapping as you go. The shrink-tape will stop the resin from sticking to the good pole. Make sure you put plenty of tape on and don’t miss any areas where the resin might go. If you do, the resin will stick to the good pole and you could have a lot of trouble getting it out again.
  4. Next, wrap some carbon fibre, wetting it with resin as you go, around the outside of the good pole. Wrap at least twice round, maybe 3 times round, so that when it is slid inside the broken tube it will be a snug fit.
  5. Next, slide the good tube (wrapped with wet carbon) inside the broken tube, aiming to leave the repair bandage positioned correctly underneath the damaged area of the pole.
  6. Allow the poles to cure in this position fully (8hrs).
  7. Once cured, twist the good pole to remove it from inside the repaired pole. The pole should come out from inside the shrink tape. Next, remove the shrink tape from the inside surface of the repaired pole.
  8. Clean up any resin that has dribbled through to the outside of the repaired pole using abrasive paper.
  9. You should now be ready to hit the water again!

Q. When you say 'wet out the cloth' - do you apply the resin mix to one side - if so do you wrap the cloth around the pole wet side down or wet side up having already applied resin to the pole.

A. Apply a little resin to the pole first and then start winding the fabric around. Once you’ve gone all the way round once with the fabric then apply a little more resin and repeat.

Q. Is a coat of resin applied after the wrapping around of the cloth and if so will the heatshrink tape stick to the resin - if no resin is applied how will i get a good finish?

A. It doesn’t help to add extra resin at this stage because it will be squeezed out by the shrink tape. Instead, after the repair has cured remove the shrink tape and then paint some resin over the whole repair. This will give a thin layer into which you can sand and smooth to make the repair nice and neat.

Q. Any tips on creating a neat finish without frayed ends would be good as I will not be able to trim off any frayed ends when cured without damaging the pole.

A. After removing the shrink tape rub all the frayed edges off using wet and dry. Make it all nice and smooth and then apply some more clear resin. Once that’s cured you can smooth and polish that resin to be left with a very tidy repair.

i purchased a pole repair kit to repair a stress fracture in my fishing pole the kit worked ok but there was no information on the the mixing of the resin and hardener , the information on the kit was not correct it said the carbon was 150mm ( 11.8in 0) the two are not compatable. and i ran out of the shrink wrap tape before i finished the third fracture even though i only overlapped the tape a millemeter so i had to reclaim some of what i had already used , also the unused resin seamed to be going hard in the sealed pot even though there was no hardener in it, i was expecting to last some time because i had onother use for what i had left . over all it did the job ok

Carbon Mods Reply: Point taken on the instructions, the correct mix ratios was ommited from the text guide, although it is printed on the bottles themselves. Typo on the width also corrected, the metric will always be right. The resin in the containers certainly shouldn't go off on its own, it's probably just cold and so feels very viscous. Shelf life of epoxy is around 6 months to 1 year. Other than the typos/ommisions, I'm glad to hear the repairs went well.

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