Resin Infusion Spiral Medium Flow - 10m

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Resin Infusion Spiral Medium Flow
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Infusion spiral is a spiral wound plastic tube which allows very easy flow or resin from the resin feed tube into and around a resin infusion project. Infusion spiral is typically positioned underneath the feed line directing resin flow into the further corners of the part.

This medium flow spiral has a 5mm ID and is stuiable for small to medium sized infusion projects (up to the size of a vehicle bonnet/hood) or for use on large projects where a slower resin distribution is required.

Supplied in a 10m coil

Like most other elements of the resin infusion process infusion mesh cannot be reused once resin has flown through it and therefore should be considered a disposable consumable of the process.

For a detailed understanding of the role played by infusion sprial in the infusion process please download and read the Carbon Mods Guide to Resin Infusion and see the accompanying Resin Infusion Setup Diagrams.


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