Release Film Unperforated 1.22m

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Release Film Unperforated 1.22m
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Release film is used to create a barrier between the composite (be it wet lay, infusion or pre-preg) and the bagging film that will easily separate from the composite. The release film also allows the vacuum bag to move more easily over the surface of the part, making the bag less prone to ‘bridging’ in corners.

Please note that there are many different types of release film available, some of which are available very cheaply indeed. This release film is one of the best available and is specifically designed to be very stretchable, making it much less prone to bridging itself. This is the only release film we use ourselves and so is the release film we recommend and supply to our customers.

Why Use Unperforated Film

Unperforated release film is used when making pre-preg parts or when vacuum bagging if you intend to make your own perforations in the film (to precisely control the flow of resin from the part into the breather.

Minimum Order Quantity

Owing to the very low price of vacuum bagging consumables, we have a minimum order quanitity of 5 metres of this material. Please enter a quanity of at least 5 in the Qty box when ordering.


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Release Film Unperforated 1.22m
Release Film Unperforated 1.22m

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