About Us

Our background

Carbon Mods is a small specialist carbon fibre products company operating from premises in Staffordshire, England. All our products are designed, tooled and manufactured on site using high quality carbon, resins and other materials.

We design and manufacture niche performance products for motor sports, aerospace and marine applications. Over the last year kit-car products have grown to dominate our range with the additional of several peices of bodywork for Westfield, Dax and other kit-cars. In 2008 Carbon Mods sponsors its own WSCC speed series class and exhibits for the first time at the National Kit Car Show in Stoneleigh.

As a company with a genuine background in performance composites engineering, Carbon Mods would never dream of using anything other than real carbon fibre. We understand that the looks, performance and status of carbon fibre just cannot be imitated!

Our principles

Working with this fantastic material (which still doesn't cease to excite us) and sharing the passion with customers is what drives us. We want every experience of Carbon Mods to be a positive one and make complete customer satisfaction our priority.

Although Carbon Mods is a small business, we take our responsibilities to our customers, suppliers and the local area seriously. We operate a policy of 100% customer satisfaction, we don't just say we do.

We believe that growth of our business will come from ensuring that every single customer and supplier has a positive feeling about us, creating repeat business and encouraging new business.