Composites Vacuum Pump, Dual Stage

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Composites Vacuum Pump, Dual Stage CMVP425
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NEW STOCK DUE 15/12/16

Following more very strong sales of our vacuum pump, we are now out of stock of vacuum pumps. Our new delivery is expected on the 3rd Aug (confirmed). We are accepting orders for vacuum pumps and starter kits which include vacuum pumps however no pumps or kits will be shipped until the new stock arrives.

Product Description

This product, along with a wider selection of vacuum bagging equipment and consumables materials is now also available to buy from our new sister company, Easy Composites.

Designed to deliver the very high levels of vacuum (99.995%) for the prolonged periods often required in composites processes, this compact vacuum pump will deliver years of reliable service even in even the busiest composites workshop.

This pump is ideally suited to just about any composites vacuum process, including vacuum bagging, vacuum resin infusion, vacuum pressing and pre-preg/autoclave use (appropriate addition equipment would be required). It is also perfectly suited to de-gassing of casting resins and silicons.

Model ECVP425
Free Air Displacement 42.5l/m
Ultimate Vacuum 99.995%
Voltage 110/220v ~50/60hz
Power 185w
Weight 8Kg
Dimensions (L, W, H) 275mm x 120mm x 220mm
International Use

Our composites vacuum pump is switchable between 110V and 240V making it suitable for use anywhere in the world. Be sure to set the pump to the right voltage for your country before first use.

When purchasing, please select the mains power lead you require for your country. There is a small charge if you require a lead. If you don't require a lead (the pump uses the common 'kettle type' lead found on many domenstic appliances) then simply choose 'None required'.

Operating Instructions

When using the vacuum pump it is essential to read, understand and follow the accompanying operating instructions.

Click here to download the operating instructions in PDF format


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For how large a part is the vacuum pump suitable?
Carbon Mods Reply: Really you could use this small pump to produce very large parts indeed (the size of a small boat hull!) the only time when the size of the pump would slow things down is when it first extracts the bulk of the air out of the bag. For a very large part the pump will take several minutes to evacuate the bag but once it's done this is will be just as effective as a larger pump, no matter how large the part.

I would want to buy your Vacuum pump, but I want to know which is its air displacement (in CFM), the power (in HP), if it is sold with accessories and which, and the price of shipping to Switzerland
Carbon Mods Reply: 42.5l/m is equal to 1.5CFM. 185w is 0.25HP. The pump, as listed here, is not sold with accessories however we also have a complete Resin Infusion Starter Kit and also Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit whcih come complete with everything you need for those two processes. Both are on the site listed in our Carbon Fibre Kits category.

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Composites Vacuum Pump, Dual Stage
Composites Vacuum Pump, Dual Stage

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