Black Epoxy Filler 100g

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Black Epoxy Repair Filler 100g
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Product Description

New to Carbon Mods is our in-house forumulated Black Epoxy Filler.

The filler is a fast curing, two-part epoxy system with excellent flexural strength and excellent bond strength. Much less thick than a conventional filler (like body filler) this epoxy filler is more of a very thicksotropic resin allowing it to easilly be teased into cracks on a repair.

The filler is supplied complete with the neccessary fast epoxy hardener which will cure the filler in around 2hrs.

Suggested Uses

Our Black Epoxy Filler is suitable for repairing cracks or gaps in carbon fibre parts to improve the appearance of a damaged area and discourage deterioration of the damaged area. Once cured the filler can be polished to a full gloss.

We also use our Black Epoxy Filler to seal the edges on sandwich core panels (route a few mm of the core material away and then smooth filler into the cavity). Edges filled in this way not only perfectly seal the panel from water ingress it also provides an attractive edge which can be polished up to a full gloss black finish.


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Black Epoxy Filler 100g
Black Epoxy Filler 100g

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