Resin Infusion Complete Starter Kit

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Resin Infusion Complete Starter Kit
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Product Description
Updated Catch-Pot

Please note we have recently upgraded the catch-pot included in our Resin Infusion Starter Kit so that the kit now includes our professional series catch-pot which features a powder coated 2mm wall steel body, laser cut lid and heavy-duty silicone seal. The new price of the infusion kit reflects the inclusion of this top-quality piece of equipment.

Complete starter kit designed to provide all the necessary equipment and supplies to enable anybody to undertake sophisticated resin infusion composites manufacture without the need for any additional equipment or training.

The kit includes a high performance vacuum pump designed specifically for composites use, a resin catch pot with vacuum gauge, valves, connectors, hoses and even the correct selection of infusion consumables and resin necessary to undertake your first few parts.

Video Guide & Instructions

The video below is made by our advanced composites distribution company, Easy Composites. The kit (and the people behind it) is exactly the same as the one we sell through Carbon Mods.

Click here to download full instructions in PDF format

To accompany the instructions there are a series of diagrams that can be printed out to help with your set-up. Download the Resin Infusion Setup Diagram here.

What is Resin Infusion?

Resin infusion is a sophisticated technique for manufacturing high performance, void free composites even on large or complicated moulds. The process is ideally suited to the manufacture of carbon fibre composites and is widely used by professional manufacturers for the production of carbon fibre body panels such as bonnets and by marine manufacturers for the production of boat hulls. It is however, equally suited to the manufacture of smaller detailed items that would be all but impossible to make successfully using an open layup.

Reinforcement is laid into the mould 'dry', i.e. without any resin, and then enclosed in a specially configured stack of bagging materials (such as peel plys, infusion mesh and bagging film) before being subjected to vacuum pressure using a composites vacuum pump. Once all the air has been removed from the bag and the reinforcement has been fully compressed under atmospheric pressure, liquid epoxy resin (mixed with hardener) is introduced to the reinforcement through a pipe which then infuses through the reinforcement under the vacuum. Once the resin has fully infused through the reinforcement, the supply of resin is cut off (using a pipe clamp) and the resin is left to cure, still under vacuum.

Full List of Equipment and Materials
  • 1x Composites vacuum pump
  • 1x Professional resin catch pot & liners
  • 1x Vacuum gauge
  • 1x ¼ Turn valve
  • 2x Infusion tube clamp
  • 1x Silicone resin feed connector
  • 1x Silicone vacuum connector
  • 6m Vacuum hose
  • 5m Vacuum bagging film(1.52m wide)
  • 5m Peel-ply
  • 5m Resin infusion mesh
  • 5m Resin feed spiral
  • 2x 15m roll Bag sealing tape
  • 1.5sqm Breather
  • 1KG Epoxy Infusion Resin (with hardener)
Unrivalled Instructions and Practical Advice

In common with all Carbon Mods starter kits, our Resin Infusion Complete Starter Kit is the result of years of practical experience working with these materials, equipment and processes every day. Many of the connectors and pieces of equipment included in the kit are actually manufactured by us in response to practical problems we have faced and we are pleased to be able to offer this complete system to help companies and individuals master this highly effective manufacturing technique.

The kit is supplied complete with comprehensive instructions with detailed diagrams explaining both the theory and the practical side of resin infusion and is accompanied by our Guide to Perfect Resin Infusion video.


Ask a Question or Make a Comment

hi. i would like to know if its possible with this kit to make a center console (saxo vts where heater controls and radio are) there are lots of tight angles and faces. im aware there my be slight imperfections in the weave but could it be done as a single piece? thanks
Carbon Mods Reply: You could certainly use the infusion kit to make complex mouldings like this however I don't think you would choose to do such an intricate shape in a single piece of fabric; I think I would go for some cut lines (use ProFinish carbon if you want neat, sharp cut lines). Also, you might need to use some spray-tack to hold your fabric and bagging materials in place whilst you add the layers of reinforcement, peel-ply and mesh but in the end it's all do-able.

It would be nice if you could add an option for power lead. Now I have to select starter kit (without pump) and separately select the vacuum pump to select European power lead because I'm from Finland. That costs £56 more than this complete kit.
Carbon Mods Reply: Good point; I'll add the power lead option to the page - in the meantime, just put a message on the checkout page saying which powerlead you want and we can swap it before dispatching the kit.

Can certian items in the kit be reused like hose's or the top plastic cover or does it have to be thrown and brought again. What's the biggest size item can you make with the kit before having to buy more equipment.
Carbon Mods Reply: Yes you can reuse anything that's still in good conditon. Breather is often fine to re-use, peel-ply won't be, the bag might be (check for leaks in case it's been damaged), the mesh no, the hoses yes (if they've stayed resin free). You could make pretty large parts with this kit - a canoe or kayak would be no problem, a car bonnet, even a lot larger.

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Resin Infusion Complete Starter Kit
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