Adjustable Stainless Steel Splitter Tie Bars (Pair)

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Adjustable Stainless Steel Splitter Tie Bars (Pair)
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Specially engineered stainless steel adjustable tie bars (also known as front support rods) for use in supporting front splitter panels and rear diffusers. Sold as a pair (x2)

These are the same high quality tie bars included in our universal splitter kits and include fully articulated fixings top and bottom to all them to be installed at any angle.

The threaded centre section allows the tie-bars to be adjusted in length by turning the centre section, providing up to 40mm of adjustment.


These adjustable tie-bars feature threaded rods (with oposed threads) which means their length is fully adjustable by turning the centre barrel. The length is then locked using the lock-nuts.

Shortest length: 175mm
Longest length: 245mm


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Can you supply just the end parts? The little posts, not the adjustable strut itself. Cheers, Jim
Carbon Mods Replay: We don't I'm afraid. The struts are sold including the omni-directional posts. If you give us a call we should be able to do you some as a custom job.

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