Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit

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Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit
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Product Description

This complete vacuum bagging starter kit includes everything you need to vacuum bag composite parts such as carbon fibre components.

The vacuum bagging process is used extensively in the manufacture of large, complex or performance critical composite parts. The vacuum bagging process improves consolidation, reducing resin content and therefore improving the strength-to-weight ratio of the finished part. The vacuum bagging process also allows more complicated shapes to be laminating without the voids or air bubbles associated with open wet-lay.

This kit includes a high performance composites vacuum pump capable of running for long periods of time and pulling 100% vacuum. Also included in the kit is the complete range of vacuum bagging consumables used in the process and all the necessary hoses, fittings and equipment.

Optional No Loss Vacuum Regulator

Depending on the resin system, type and amount of reinforcement and size and nature of the parts you are vacuum bagging it may be necessary to use a vacuum regulator to control the level of vacuum applied to the part. To avoid damage to the pump you should always use a sophisticated ‘no loss’ vacuum regulator. This will ensure that the pump can continue to pull against a full vacuum whilst the regulator precisely controls the level of vacuum applied to the bag.

If you intend to vacuum bag polyester resin (which will boil under full vacuum) or need precise control over the vacuum level in order to attain a perfect cosmetic finish then please choose to add a vacuum regulator from the drop-down list.

Full List of Equipment and Materials
  • Composites vacuum pump
  • Through-bag connector
  • 1x ¼ Turn valve
  • 6m Vacuum hose
  • 5m Vacuum bagging film(1.52m wide)
  • 5m Peel-ply
  • 5m Perforated release film
  • 2x 15m roll Bag sealing tape
  • 5m Breather fabric
  • 8 Pairs of Nitrile gloves
  • Optional vacuum regulator

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