Shopping from the USA

Carbon Mods ship to the USA every day. For customers who may not have purchased goods in a different currency, or from overseas before, here's how it works:

Exchange rates

All the prices shown on our site are in Pounds Sterling (£). £1 is currently about $1.60 which means that to know how much you'll pay in dollars for a product you just multiply the price you see on our site by 1.6. Here's some approximate (exchange rates change ever so slightly each day) prices for some of our most popular products:

  • Laminating Kit | £34.00 | $56.63
  • Skinning Kit | £40.00 | $66.62
  • 75mm NACA Duct | £63.79 | $106.25
  • Universal Splitter Kit | £194.95 | $324.57
  • A5 sheet of carbon fibre | £10.17 | $16.93

To know exactly what any product would cost at any time, use a trusted currency converter like, enter the amount and choose to convert GBP into USD. Simple.

How to pay

All major credit cards allow you to make purchases in foreign currencies. They simply convert the amount based on the current exchange rate and take dollars out of your bank account. We also accept payment by PayPal which is available as part of the checkout process which works just the same.

Shipping to the USA

Almost every product in our store can be shipping to the USA. Demensions and weights for all products can generate a specific shipping quotation at the time of checkout based on your delivery address (the cost is almost always the same for all mainland US zip codes) and the size and weight of your total order. If bought on their own, here are the costs for the above products (please remember the skinning and laminating kits are heavy and the splitter panel is huge!):

  • Laminating Kit - delivery to USA = £16 | $26.60
  • Skinning Kit - delivery to USA = £16 | $26.60
  • 75mm NACA Duct - delivery to USA = £10.00 | $14.06
  • Universal Splitter Kit - delivery to USA = £45 | $63.28
  • A5 sheet of carbon fibre - delivery to USA = £7.50 | $10.55

For almost all deliveries we use UPS. The service to the US is around 1-3 days and is fully trackable. For laminating and skinning kits we are unable to use UPS because of restrictions on what they will carry so we're forced to use a slower carrier. From experience it looks like skinning and laminating kits take around 5-7 days to reach the USA. This service is not trackable like UPS but it is 'signed for' and is very reliable. Please allow up to 14 days for exception circumstances.


Throughout our site you will see a module in the right hand menu bar where you can choose to see prices shown without VAT (the name of our tax system in the UK). You should click on this because as a US customer you will not be charged tax on your order. Please note, you may be liable for tax in the USA when the goods arrive though this varies from state to state and doesn't seem to happen very often.

Whether you choose to see site prices shown with or without tax, once you state you are shopping from the USA on the checkout screen, no tax will be charged.